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Member Rating: 7.08 Allie James - Date Added: Thursday, 12/29/2011
Allie James has it all: The sexy looks, the sexual appetite of a true whore, and a boyfriend who's deep pockets know no bounds. Allie's man has found Shane Diesel via online posting and there's no expense he'll spare to give his woman a great time. Allie's boyfriend came up with the right number in order for a cuckold session to take place. Shane Diesel and Allie James spoke down to the cuckold before turning their sights on each other. Allie's cuckold wore his male chastity device as she worshipped Shane's massive meat. The only thing left was for Allie James to suck on that huge black cock while her cuckold looked on like a good little boy (emphasis on little). Allie's mouth wrapped around as much of Shane's black cock as she could dish out. The cuckold, as is his feminine way, must have wanted to suck on that black cock but Shane is all man. Allie's pussy was next on the order of business and Shane slammed into it like he was trying to prove a point. Allie's cuckold needed a closer view of the penetration. That cuckold got up close to his woman's clit as Shane pulverized her pelvis with his. The juices flowing off her clit was a clear indication that Allie was finally getting fucked in a manner she deserved. As she was bent over , you can see her give the "stare of love" at her boyfriend while Shane's big, black cock was parting her pussy lips. Allie's pussy nearly fell off her body as Shane was showing no mercy on that love hole. Allie's cuckold/boyfriend paid a hefty enough price which guaranteed the opportinity to eat Shane's jizz right off his girlfriend's snatch. He cleaned up very well, but his bank account is now back at 0....much like his personality.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member MrDF1**** Said:
absolutely great scene. Allie is so hot. 10/10

Member lefto**** Said:
i wanna come inside allie

Member reign**** Said:
she's hot just wish there were more anal gangbangs and gapes, this site is to clean and wish I didnt sign for 3 months

Member pussg**** Said:
She is a true superwhore! Bring her back all over the network. How bout some gangabngs with dp and double vag? She can handle it for sure.

Member fucke**** Said:
i think these cuckolds need to start sucking on Shane Diesel's big cock!!!

Member Teeny**** Said:
But less gay would be good

Member Teeny**** Said:
Girl is hot as f**K

Member maput**** Said:
Maravilha. Wonderful im portuguese! She is the best!

Member diaza**** Said:
seriously? This is gay, I will now go to remove my membership...This scene had everything going for it, a pretty woman, a bbc, but the execution FAILED. I should look into becoming a director... :(

Member attai**** Said:
excellent scene : it's good to see at last a Black Man in charge which is what white cuckoldry really means. The best so far.

Member hotba**** Said:
holy shit this shit makes me sick... make some non-gay cuckold shit already please?

Member q2345**** Said:
Allie James is sensational!! Good to see a girl wear some sexy shoes to be in a sex vid. She need to be re-cycled through all the sites again wearing those beautiful shoes!!!

Member ttk42**** Said:
LOVE this update!

Member jadam**** Said:
love these hot down low brothas!!!!!

Member Passi**** Said:
Dearest Kkitt... When you mention that Mr. Diesel lacks resources, please tell me what praytell are referring to? This is a prono video, not someone auditioning to be the next jeopardy contestant. Grab a clue, or two for that matter... Say what you want, this man knows how to humiliate a cuck and put him in the place he ultimately wants to be in. If you are looking for someone with 'intelligence' or 'ambition' maybe you want to find a different area of interest, other than a porn site.

Member boudi**** Said:
I Agree with Passi! but the problem is all the role models are White even Obama's Half White!!!!!

Member cuckm**** Said:
This was not a bad cuckold session I guess some people don't understand the aspects of the art of cuckolding. Only one big problem I had.....what the fuck was that fishnet shit covering her angelic creamy white skin??? Allie is almost the perfect white girl with her pure creamy white skin and you cover her in that shit??? She should be completely bare naked with no article of clothing hindering her beautiful white skin period. I had pictured Allie as an innocent angelic white girl who had converted to BBC who now just wants to cuck us white the fishnet shit kinda ruined that innocent white girl image. Please make sure these fine white goddesses for the most part are barenaked with not much if any article of clothing hindering their radiant beauty in future scenes....thank you :)

Member kkitt**** Said:
Passi, Mr. Diesel will never be the superior male. He lacks resources, intelligence, and ambition. His only superiority is his dick, which offers little to the grand scheme of humanity. You might want to find other role models.

Member ajax8**** Said:
what happened with the creampie scene ? Totally ruined it ! Was it fake ?

Member Passi**** Said:
This scene is perfect! In fact it was the reason I joined the site. I saw a clip of it on some other site and had to check it out. Huge fan of the bbc here and I gotta say, Sir Diesel delivered here! This isnt gay at all, I cant believe all of the comments posted about this scene. Mr. Diesel treated the cuck perfectly here, as Mr. Diesel is the superior male. What would have made it even better would be making the cuck remove the bull's shoes and pants. Other than that, this is the perfect cuck video I've seen so far! More like this please?

Member sissy**** Said:
i love this scene, would love to see wife/milf in similar intensity with bull directing the cuckold to help or ready his woman - formally 'give her' to the bull ! better looking cuckold or at least a different one Please...

Member funng**** Said:
could you guys please begin doing 3 to 4 men on a white woman with the scene of which something happens and the white hubby has to watch while stroking his little dicky, or wifey locks him in cock cage then fucks black guys in front of him? 3 to 4 black men on a hot woman

Member Maxxx**** Said:
agree, if you even manage to ignore the cuckolding, there was like 5 mins of actual sex the rest was whining and nonsense :( allie and shane are both good performers and allie is hot, but this scene was just weak

Member ironm**** Said:
Allie is Hot the scene was NOT - also need Flash or JB anyone but Shane for these parts.

Member SealK**** Said:
Pfff... Allie is an Angel, but that shane dude is an atrocity... I'm done with your cuckold sessions! I'm sad cause I always liked the concept of the white boys forced to watch the most gorgeous white women fuck strong black men, but that's too much gayish now. OK it was also in the 1st scenes, but now it's too much. Can you do straight cuckold videos on BlacksOnBlondes without cumeating shit and other gay stuffs? Anyway, the best cuckold videos were the ones in the Spring Thomas : I still jerk off to "Ice his balls" for example!

Member boudi**** Said:
Allie james wasted on this site you should have had shane fuck the shit out of her on watching my daughter go black

Member IronM**** Said:
Allie is hot but Lucas Stone or Flash would be better studs for her.

Member sissy**** Said:
CUCKOLD SESSIONS...YOU GOT IT PERFECT! This is what cuckolding is all about. where is chip?? he would have been great in this exact type of scene.

Member bitch**** Said:
It's amazing how Shane can be so dominate to both the girl and the guy, with having the guy suck his dick, he just humilates him to no return, LOVE IT, got to get SHANE his own site for this cuckold shit, it's fucking amazing

Member juno6**** Said:
Allie is hot and sexy but the scene wasn't great.

Member hvitp**** Said:
Also, the cuckold should lust after the girl, not the black dick. He shouldn't be treated like a girl, but like a MAN that can't compare to the black man.

Member uva19**** Said:
Allie James is young, blonde, and beautiful!!! Shane is limp-dicked in this scene and messes it up.

Member bulls**** Said:
Allie is great but I wanted 2 things. A cum shot of Shane's thick jizz deep in her hole (most of his creampies are way too shallow) and I would have liked to see Allie massage Shane's balls when he came in her.

Member hvitp**** Said:
Hot girl, good male talent, but semi gay scene.

Member colen**** Said:
sometimes i think shane has some sugar in his tank....his scenes get weird sometimes......

Member papab**** Said:
What the hell...where is the cum shot into her pussy? Ruins it as I wonder if it is fake cum now. Would have been a 10 with a nice deep cream pie.

Member benny**** Said:
Show cuckold sex! Only the moment that Shane cum was not good! The Allie James is beautiful and naughty! Allie in Blowbang and cuckoldsessions again! Cuckold cum the bucket! Total humiliation, Allie James i love you!

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