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Member Rating: 7.27 Cameron Love - Date Added: Sunday, 02/07/2010
I always fall asleep when my boyfriend tries fucking me. That wouldn't happen if he was black but he can't help that he has some faults. He really does try to make me happy but a dick the size of a thumb just doesn't cut it when it comes to my wet pussy. I had to call in some black guys that my other white girlfriends mess around with and my boyfriend didn't seem too keen on the idea. If he would be able to get me off and make me cum then we wouldn't be in this situation, would we? He slowed his role and I was given no time to prepare myself for the size of those black cocks that soon turned up. After some solo time (where I made him watch) I sucked down and swallowed those black baby makers as if my life depended on it. I sucked down one as my pussy was getting attention it so badly needed. This was all happening as my boyfriend watched in agony in the corner wearing his girlie belt and I was in pure heaven. He knew that keeping me around depended on how well he soaked up black jizz with his mouth. I think he did a good job but remember, he's white, he's very limited.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member bgull**** Said:
the gay stuff ruins the scene

Member SealK**** Said:
White girls like Cameron are born to make fun of white boys! And that's awesome, we love you this way white girls!

Member wabob**** Said:
wow she can scream!

Member toetw**** Said:
Cameron is so good at humiliating her white bf. This is an incredibly good cuckold scene. Well done!

Member lilhr**** Said:
OOOOOOOOOO she made me cum all over my mans fat cock

Member g000n**** Said:
I agree with the guys saying this should not include gay stuff. You've clearly labelled the gay sites in your collection as 'Gay' and those that don't want to watch gay will not go there. If you want to include gay stuff here then label it 'Gay' so that we with no interest in watching gay stuff will not come here. The point it we come here to watch a pretty woman or fav performer getting fucked and the gay stuff completely ruins the scene for us.

Member rrHar**** Said:
The best video on this site! Perfect body, taking the absolute best cum shots. Looks delicious!

Member cmhen**** Said:
I love to see a sissy cuckold service a Black man along with his wife.

Member cmhen**** Said:
Please more gay stuff, cleaning and sucking the Black man would be great to see

Member Pavel**** Said:
I get here because this site came in the package. I have to agree with hjklp and eddie. I don't like the gay stuff. Being a cuckold is not the same that being a queer. And see a man licking another men's jizz, is disgusting. There is a tendency to impose us the gay culture. It's a conspiracy against straight people.

Member eddie**** Said:
I agree with Hjkl, men with men is not what this site is about. Just because I fantasize about my girl doing other guys who are "bigger and better" then me doesn't mean I want to see another guy sucking a dick,lol. Big difference there. So please keep and make better the hot wife themes of being taken by "bigger and better" men and some husband humiliation, but can we keep the gay stuff to a minimum please.

Member morni**** Said:
hjklpoiu8... if you have so much homophobic anxiety then why come to a site that features men watching other men fuck their wives and girlfriends and then often cleaning up their cum afterwards? Keep your issues if you want them but don't try to vanilla down the site for those of us who aren't as conflicted as you.

Member Black**** Said:
Yum, id love to lick her up clean..

Member CeXCe**** Said:
Im with Seaklum, though chastity belts not always important. I enjoy the girls talking up black guys, bragging with pride of preferance for worshipping black master/s as he and her disrespect the white cuckold.. I like to see rough sex and lots of verbal - hearing her boast and emphasises a total respect for black bulls, whilst being blatently taken for granted as white fuck dolls by them. Perhaps, both of the couple treated with contempt sometimes.

Member hjklp**** Said:
Please leave the site as is. If you are gay and want to see gay material, go to a gay website with gay performers

Member 33pal**** Said:
Agree with Sealklum18 more updates but with Cream Pies!!!!

Member punky**** Said:
i want more interaction between the bull and the cuckold. it's wack just to see him standing in the corner.

Member SealK**** Said:
No! I don't follow you! To the owners : please do not include that onto your new scenes, or create a new website for this. I like Cuckold Sessions the way it is except not enough updates and not enough chastity belts!

Member muck1**** Said:
I'm with slaramee. Let's add the cuck into the mix. That's why most of us are here anyway we want to see the humiliation. And with a sister site called "Blacks on Boys" it can't be that big of a stretch to put cucks serving their Black Masters!

Member slara**** Said:
Please add foced bi to these cuckold scenes. Imagine how hot this scene would become if the husband were forced to fluff the bull to get him ready to fuck his own wife.

Member SealK**** Said:
All the Cuckold Sessions should have a white boy with that nice chastity belt!

Member hjklp**** Said:
best scene yet. my favs are nikki anne, leah livingston, and juelz ventura

Member CkldL**** Said:
Awesome fucking scene! I FUCKING LOVE REDHEADS! If your listening Dogfart, more REDHEADS!

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