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Member Rating: 8.81 Courtney Taylor - Date Added: Thursday, 09/02/2010
Hey baby, remember when we talked about me looking to others for sexual satisfaction? I knew you wouldn't forget! I love you and your little pecker but it doesn't quite, um, fit the bill. It makes me happy to see you to try to get it hard for mommy and you really do try. Well, I want you to sit back, relax, and take your little pee pee out while your girl invites over a mammoth of a huge cock to have fun with. Don't get jealous when I stuff his big black dick down my throat; I'm thinking of you when I do it. Does it make you mad when his black staff pokes my uterus? I sure ope it doesn't since I'm doing this for both of us.Does your blood boil when my ass is up in the air at the same time my white pussy is getting beaten? Please baby, us black cock sluts have to have it. Since you've been a good boyfriend I'm going to let you lick up all of that jizz sauce that he blasted in my tight hole. Actually, it's not tight anymore so you're going to be feeling the walls of my pussy from now on.

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Member bamba**** Said:
excellent. true master of white pussy at work

Member georg**** Said:
great scene, she is hot, nice creampie

Member redgu**** Said:
nice need more scenes like his

Member groov**** Said:
They make a nice couple, it is so nice too see them together making love!!!

Member beerb**** Said:
This girl needs more than one dick at a time. Gangbang her, please!

Member cyb3r**** Said:
Exactly what gtr77 said. Couldn't agree more. Enuff with the gay dudes, lose them and this site would be 100X better.

Member balla**** Said:
she is Hot, we want more of her

Member gtr77**** Said:
It would be great if there were more scenes like the Courtney Taylor one. It's such a turn on if the woman is talking to you in the vid.

Member cucko**** Said:
OMG.....this chick is just like my wife, this is what you get when someone like me has a trophy wife like this. She wont even fuck me, and yet i pay tons in lingerie bills and shoes

Member flori**** Said:
MMMmmmmmm 1st time seeing Courtney Taylor and I already shot three huge loads. Love her talking about big black dick. When the girls call it a dick instead of cock it really gets me off. I've noticed a lot more of this lately. Your website rules!! Please don't stop calling them DICKS !!

Member hvitp**** Said:
This is the best CS scene so far. Love it! She's verbal and there's no gay action. Good shit!

Member learn**** Said:
I loved her talking to the camera, make us feel like WE are being cuckolded

Member ruded**** Said:
Felt that Courtney was talking to ME...a great turn on! Who wants to see a white guy in the vid? I don't...

Member twist**** Said:
Best scene yet , no gross gay stuff , and please let see a wedding night cuckold

Member twist**** Said:
Best ssene yet , no gross gay activity. Would be nice to see the girl wearing a wedding ring. And like every one else I would love to see a wedding night scene !

Member y7890**** Said:
Courtney is sensational!!!!!!

Member scott**** Said:
This was great!

Member hvitp**** Said:
This was a cuckold scene I could like. No gay ass activity!

Member katli**** Said:
I agree with the bride comment. Lets see a bride getting some black cock.

Member hiccu**** Said:
She sucks a dick pretty good, next she must learn to deep throat and take it in her ass

Member cucko**** Said:
This is really bad. Where's the cuckolding? Is this not "Cuckoldsessions"?

Member PROJK**** Said:
nice end

Member diggy**** Said:
I want to see some sloppy seconds, just one scene is all I need. I'd love to fuck a nice stretched pussy.

Member jojoj**** Said:

Member mlbor**** Said:
pretty awful.

Member NYNAT**** Said:
There are different types of cuckolding, including a wife getting fucked by another man and taking the creampie home to hubby. Doesn't always end in the husband licking or eating another mans cum. If that's what you are into, fine, but not everyone is into that. This scene was a good idea and we could use more like them.

Member janik**** Said:
finally a creampie. cuckold or no cuckold, really doesn't matter if there is a creampie.

Member brows**** Said:
do not get a boob job i hope good day

Member Macdo**** Said:
where's the fricken cuckold? Worthless video without>>

Member glddr**** Said:
thats it I'm leaving this site, have canceled my membership and am done with this place for awhile. I can tell the reason they did this stupid shoot was to appease the stupid comments on here. This scene was AWFUL was it supposed to be her bf or her hubby she was cucking?

Member ajugg**** Said:
good girl and gotta love the cream pies

Member grind**** Said:
Hot girl but missing some gagging, anal, and a few more mammoth size dicks!!! Bu please nothing under 10 inches . . . .

Member Blanc**** Said:
Cuckold??????????????or BOB??????????

Member cccge**** Said:
Such a hottie!!

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