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Woman's best friend can't be bought at some shelter or pet store. Giselle Leon's best friend walks on all limbs but somewhat resembles a human. Giselle shares the festivities with Shane Diesel and Brian Pumper and that's when the cuckold really feels some pent up frustration. Shane makes the cuckold worship Giselle's feet right before she worships some big black cocks. The cuckold holds back his tears as Giselle doesn't hold back from sucking on Diesel and Pumper. Much like a good little boy, the cuckold obeys his masters right before Giselle Leon bounces back and forth between both black cocks. Giselle's pussy eventually spreads open for black cock insertion of epic proportions. The cuckold? Well, his small white cock could fit inside that white pussy but only after finding a genie's lamp. Pumper and Diesel continue the nonstop blitzkrieg of Giselle Leon and her pussy's circumference will never go back to its original shape. The cuckold's usefulness only comes into play when Giselle Leon's pussy needs to be licked clean from all that black baby gravy.

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Member leroy**** Said:
@georg*** The Irony of someone perusing a site that he paid money for, where the protagonist character of the content almost invariably swallows male jizm, calling other subscribers "gay" is a rarely matched instance of hilarity. I tip my hat to your personal mental acrobatics. ... Also, hot scene. Thanks, DF!

Member lanat**** Said:
I would given this a 10 if she was fucked in the ass!

Member georg**** Said:
giselle very hot, shane shut the fuck up,and u gay mother fuckers or should i say father fuckers dont gay up this site, by asking for the cuck to be fucked or even to suck cock.

Member white**** Said:
perfect example this white princess should be wit dark skinned thug cornrowed black men like charlie mac derek sketer charlie mann mandingo chilly chill sean micheals or rico strong no more light skinned femiminine whiteboi actin black men like pumper jack napier shane deisel etc. more uncut dark hung black men like mr big on brothalovers and lowtru and focus more at the end showing the stretched out white bimbos pussy with all that black cum drippin out but tell the black man to make sure his uncut black dick is hanging right next to her pussy it looks so hott barbies treasurebox stretched open by her yung thug nigga n his 11 inch uncut black dick

Member etter**** Said:
Here You got two drazy "analists" and theres no fu..anal????!!!The girl OR the "editor" should be kicked out of porn!!!! FU..!!

Member r9819**** Said:
Have her force the cuck to suck some black dick!

Member slugg**** Said:
It would be great to make him/her put a big black dildo up his ass:)

Member learn**** Said:
I'm not a fan of any kind of bi at all. I like white women humiliating white men ... talking into the camera ... being hot race traitors! If someone wants bi or gay, go to gay site

Member Super**** Said:
My wife absolutely lovesShane Diesel so please keep him cumming (pun intended) back as long as his huge dick can get hard.

Member SealK**** Said:
Hey DogFart guys, can you hire for your next cuckold session Kristen Stewart, Robert Patinson and Jamie Fox!!! That woulb de awesome to watch Robert lick Jamie's cum from Kristen's pussy! Just dreaming guys, I know it's impossible even for$! Or, Monica Belluci cuckolding her french jewish husband Vincent Cassel! Or Katy Perry cuckolding her ex-white bristish husband with a black british soccer player! Can you creat a "Cuckold Session Fantasy" like there is a Fantasy League, based on cartoons?! That would be awesome!

Member TinyL**** Said:
PLease keep the bi stuff. It double the humiliation. GREAT CLIP!

Member jojoj**** Said:
leave the bi/gay shit out pleaz!!!!!!!

Member katym**** Said:
Oh my God, this site needs new actors! I'm, tired of shane. Where's Byron Long? IMO he's the best looking black man in porn and has a lovely cock, he needs to be in more scenes.

Member Teeny**** Said:
By the way, there should never be any bisexual/gay stuff, apart from licking up the cum. There are separate websites for that. Most people on here are straight guys

Member Teeny**** Said:
haha Giselle you sexy, fine little thing. That cock filled you up nicely!

Member SealK**** Said:
I hate Shane, but I must admit he did a very good work this time! Gisele is one of a kind with her stunning beauty! Except the ass smelling shit and the piss threat, the scene was perfect, and for me Pumper is the ultimate Bull, he's the kind of niggas all white wives want to cheat their husband with!

Member seekr**** Said:
Glad there was no anal sex this time. That crap turns me off.

Member gawnd**** Said:
love the purple, this bitch is hot

Member eemar**** Said:
Shane knows how to abuse the cuck. All he needs to do is take the plunge and shove his huge cock down the cuck's throat. I liked the pissing comment. There should be more humiliation of the cuck and forced bi. Why not?

Member mrfis**** Said:
5 scenes and not once have you put it in her ass. Lame.

Member ddn4q**** Said:
Briana Pumper is a weirdo and bad performer....please dont use him again. Diesel is cool though

Member sissy**** Said:
OMG! did MR DIESEL say HE was going to potty train the cuck and pee in its mouth??

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