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Member Rating: 7.16 Hydii May - Date Added: Thursday, 08/25/2011
Chip and his lady, Hydii May, are about to welcome a bundle of joy into the world. Chip has had a difficult time figuring out how to show appreciation for the mother of his unborn child. A stroller? Already have one. Diapers? They're up to their ears in them. Chip is about to have his girl ride the midnight express courtesy of Lucas Stone. Hydii's initially reluctant since she loves Chip so much. Lucas, as a matter of fact, happens to be bigger than Chip....in all departments! Lucas rubs Hydii all over and that includes her baby bump. Hydii learns to love black cock by getting on her slightly swollen knees and sucking on that big, black cock as Chip watches in complete happiness. To make matters interesting Hydii sizes Chip against Lucas which is like measuring Godzilla against Mighty Mouse. Hydii continues to suck on that black cock until her pussy decides it's time to get completely thrashed. Chip sits idly by as Hydii's womb prepares for the upcoming birth by Lucas stretching out her walls. Their child begins kicking when as Lucas' big, black cock pulverizes Hydii's insides and her screaming will rival that of the sounds in the delivery room. Lucas wastes no time in wrecking that pussy while Hydii's orgasms get progressively louder and louder. Chip can only watch as the mother of his unborn child rides that black bull while her gigantic tits sway with each thrusting. There's no love being lost as Hydii and her boyfriend lock lips as her pussy slowly resembles a devastated city. The heavy breathing from Hydii isn't her water breaking; it's her pussy getting ravaged by a gift courtesy of a loving boyfriend. How loving is Chip? He keeps his ladies head up as Lucas showers her belly with his thug juice. chip rubs it into her stomach and this loving couple has a bright future. That is, if he continues to supply her with black cock.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member zav66**** Said:
The best scene ever ! More pregnant rough sex please !

Member solel**** Said:
The reason I like this site is because it lacks of the gay ass shit thats on the other sites. All the other site focus more on dudes sucking dudes cocks than on the whole cuckolding and wife sharing theme. Not all men into cuckolding like sucking cock. I loved this scene and I hope to see more like it.

Member montr**** Said:
none of them are into it.

Member eemar**** Said:
Definitely need the cuckolds to suck the bull's cock.

Member cuckl**** Said:
he should have dropped that nut deep inside her pussy for the cuck to cleanup. and you guys need to start making the cucks suck cock too!!!

Member eddy1**** Said:
when is the guy going to suck some black cock????

Member eddy1**** Said:
we need more humiliation like have the bull cum on the guys face

Member ORGAN**** Said:
Wow, since the guy kisses the girl after she sucked his cock, why didn't he just go down on the black guy too. LOL Hmm, maybe the white guy could fuck her in the ass as the black guy fucked her pussy, making it a double whammy. LOL

Member anico**** Said:
Better, if he would cum inside her belly

Member jocko**** Said:
I like the pregnancy aspect. I'd like to see girls getting pregnant from multi guy creampies, pregnant girls getting gangbanged etc. Taboo and nasty.

Member black**** Said:
this is near taboo.... guess that's why its so hot!

Member tomka**** Said:
This is Incredibly Hot ! I love pregnant girls taking black cock that leaves their pussy dripping with Cum !

Member dolka**** Said:
I would marry her!

Member drol2**** Said:
love the preggo scenes, keep them coming!

Member chris**** Said:
Please leave kids out of it. It's depressing and wrong. Just because you find a pregnant woman who is willing to do a scene doesn't mean that Dogfart SHOULD do it. I signed up to this site for interracial porn. If you had advertised your clips as "pathetic pregnant ho-bags who'll do anything for $50 bucks", I really wouldn't have been interested in becoming a member. You're better than this, Dogfart.

Member dummy**** Said:
Forth scene in a row without a creampie. There's nothing hotter than a close-up of a dripping creampie.

Member easyg**** Said:
Aw hell yeah. I guess I'm as twisted as the next guy. Nothing wrong with that.

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