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Member Rating: 6.98 Juelz Ventura - Date Added: Sunday, 01/03/2010
The amount of white guys fucked in the head that visit me for help is astounding. My latest patient came to me because his wife is addicted to big black dick which leaves his tiny white dick without attention. I didn't think dicks got that small but when he showed me his midget member I couldn't hold back my laughing. Actually, I nearly lost it once I had him put on the male chastity belt and the idiot went along with it. It was time for me to take my skills to the next level even as unorthodox as it seemed. My patient got a front row seat to see exactly what his wife was doing in hopes that his understanding could salvage the marriage. I brought in Jason Brown (along with his 12 inches). First, I got on my knees, relaxed my throat, and took him as far and deep as my gag reflexes would allow. So far , so good as far as my patient was concerned. The true test would be to see how he'd react once he saw my white fuckbox getting plowed much like his wife's is but behind closed doors. Jason then bent me over and slammed his big black dick deep into my uterus as my screams drowned out his moans. Our session wouldn't be complete until the patient could come to terms that only black dick could satisfy white women. How would he prove that? I made him clean up all the black goo from my ass that Jason used as a target . Did I help out my patient? Who cares? As long as I got my fill of black dick then all was well. The icing on the cake was that I made my patient pay for the entire hour as I got destroyed.

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Member etter**** Said:
TATOOS?????!!A former sailor...silly !!

Member billy**** Said:
Looks like sandra Bullock with tits, love her laugh

Member PeteM**** Said:
Her laughing and teasing and belittling him in this video made me half-fall in love with her. Wish my first wife had sent me to this therapist. Great job, Juelz :) Oh, and the therapist getting the bull's card to give to the wife - nice touch!

Member noppe**** Said:
When does this girl do some anal?

Member HuffC**** Said:
Great scene, just needs to ditch the end, and i love the glasses!!!! more girls in secretary/teacher outfits please!!!!

Member Black**** Said:
One of the best ones, Jules is so fucking hot. Would have loved to be the one to clean her up with my tounge..

Member Hercu**** Said:
great more like this

Member brafa**** Said:
She's super hot, but she wasn't his "wife"...

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