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I stumbled upon this site while looking for the best in interracial porn. I'm a happily married woman who's married to a white guy who gets off when I fuck big black cocks. We're still newlyweds and we thought by living out our fantasy ( on camera, no less) that we'd add extra spice to our wedded bliss. After answering some questions about our life stlye I had hubby take a front row seat as Shane Diesel came by to let me play with his big, black meat. I did my best to deepthroat that black tower of cock but my mouth couldn't seem to wrap around all of it. I could see from the corner of my eye that my guy was enjoying every minute of it. Mr. Kox's usefulness was apparent when he held my blonde hair back while Shane's fireman's pole made its way down my throat. I had to feel what other white girls have felt and that meant having Shane's beefy black cock jammed as far as possible up my birth canal. I allowed my husband to stroke his tiny pee pee the entire time since he gave me the green light to have some interracial sex. My fat tits kept bouncing as Shane's fat nuts slammed against my drenched vulva. What really got me going was kissing my man's mouth seconds after sucking on a mountain of black dick. I jumped back on that black bull and kept riding and grinding on him until my pussy was filled with his creamy goodness. I couldn't put my panties back on with all that black cum on me so my hubby sucked most of it all up. The rest of Shane's dick gravy was pushed back deep inside me when I gave my husband the go-ahead to fuck me as well. Needless to say, he didn't last nearly as long as Shane did but that's a common trait with white guys.

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NULL Member bwcho**** Said:
absolute best girl on the entire site. no girl comes close to this fucking beautiful blonde white whore. bring her back again and again. what an incredible cock teaser and willing to take black men's cum. hot hot hot!!! every white girl should be like this blonde whore.

NULL Member dan1m**** Said:
All cuckold scenes should be like this. Cucks should be able to finish inside the girls so we'll get to see a double creampie.

NULL Member micko**** Said:
Time for Katie to do a Scene with ManDingo!!!=) Can U fix it Guys?! Christmas Soon!! Thanx!!

NULL Member Teeny**** Said:
Maybe best CS scene

NULL Member redgu**** Said:
u guys sould bring her back n give her a gangbang creampie 2

NULL Member kagne**** Said:
I love Katie's big cunt. A girl like that sure looks comfortable laying on her back getting pumped with black cock. I can only imagine what she was like after her first fuck. She is a chick that is obviously addicted to alot of cock. Keep slapping the cock to her and Karie, keep fucking hard baby. Get as much cock as you can get you beautiful cunt.

NULL Member wesse**** Said:

NULL Member bluew**** Said:
My first wife would often "entertain" a friend of ours when he visited. He was really handsome and had a beautiful cock about 1.5" longer than mine -- thicker too. She would return to my bed in the early AM after spending the night with him. What really turned me on was the scent of semen on her and how slippery her count was. He would cum into her 2 or 3 times a night so she was full of semen when she returned to me. It was so hot I would cum in a minute or so. Then she returned -- with my encouragement -- to milk him one more time before breakfast.

NULL Member bluew**** Said:
The cuck should clean up the bull's cock as well.

NULL Member comeo**** Said:
Katie is a gorgeus babe. Super cream pie. Maybe Shane made her pregnant and gave her a black baby

NULL Member wabob**** Said:
its not fair to compare white cock to diesels massive black meat. would be hot if the bull intimidated the cuck, threaten an hit the cuck and shout shit at the cuck like watch me fuck your girl and look how much bigger i am than you.

NULL Member eemar**** Said:
I love the humiliation of the cock size comparison. I would LOVE to see my wife compare my below average size cock to Shane's monster black cock. I'd love to watch how two of her hands still cant hold it, while less than one covers mine. Then she makes me get Shane ready to stretch her out, which I'd do anytime. God I'd love that!

NULL Member lipli**** Said:
great film,but hubby should clean her better. he is a very lucky guy

NULL Member ronbu**** Said:
she loves that black cock just like my wife.

NULL Member toetw**** Said:
Love seeing all the new cock size comparison. I usually cum just seeing that stuff. Keep up the good work guys!

NULL Member xsvpo**** Said:
this bitch should be scrubbing my kitchen floor

NULL Member marti**** Said:
very good wife!!

NULL Member alvie**** Said:
best cuckold vid on the site

NULL Member rfanv**** Said:
need some black arse cleaning by cuck and katie to up the verbal humiliation.Would love to clean up katie

NULL Member charl**** Said:
that was hot.katie kox is a good dirty slut

NULL Member scorp**** Said:
Shane Diesel is probly the best at cuckolding in my opinion...Awesome!!

NULL Member bruce**** Said:
best video on here, more katie kox please

NULL Member jadam**** Said:
shane is so fucken hot!!!!i think he should let the cucks catch cum and lick his cock as he fucks pussy,

NULL Member desro**** Said:
Amazing. More REAL cucks please!!!

NULL Member muck1**** Said:
Fantastic!!! Perfect gal perfect cuckold that is what this site needed! There are plenty of cucks that love to watch and love to clean up!

NULL Member justs**** Said:
the dialogue was great and shane plays a great part too, but in my opinion the gay stuff should be left out (rubbing nuts over the dudes face etc) , total turn off. It gives the feeling its about the guy eventually wanting black cock rather than the beautiful katie kox.

NULL Member easyg**** Said:
she steals the show

NULL Member caged**** Said:
Agreed, how about more where the hubby gets to fuck her too! Especially as the the clean up batter after a gangbang.

NULL Member marti**** Said:
we neeed more of these good wives!!!

NULL Member phuck**** Said:
Wow!! I dont find her the most attractive but that scene was the best!

NULL Member bbbmd**** Said:
great scene-- this girls perfect -love her attitude and dialog

NULL Member lilhr**** Said:
OMG that was fucking hot hot hot they were real and really fucking hot we have not seen all the vids on here but that was by far the hottest that is more how we are only my man has a big fat cock and fucks the shit out of me after

NULL Member lilhr**** Said:
now you re getting somewhere that was much hotter

NULL Member tgray**** Said:
This is a good scene. I appreciate the interview before hand, it adds a lot of realism to the scene. Very hot.

NULL Member cafon**** Said:
Hottest cuckoldress ever.

NULL Member hungr**** Said:
nice but she is way too fat needs to go on a diet--best way to lose weight would be more dp's

NULL Member easyg**** Said:
Her giggles were a teensy annoying, but that rack more than made me forget. I love this girl. Best TITS ever, and you could really tell she loved that big cock.

NULL Member aziz6**** Said:
I wish she's my wife and diffintely I'll let her do whatever she wants

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