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Member Rating: 7.05 Katie Summers - Date Added: Thursday, 09/15/2011
A true cuckold is there to provide his woman with any means of getting her off. Katie Summers and her man are enjoying her birthday at the beach when the topic of her present comes up.Can Katie expect a diamond ring? How about a dozen roses? No. Her man has something else in mind and it comes in the form of twelve inches of hanging, black meat. This loving couple convince Lucas Stone to ditch his running in exchange for a crack at her ass. That's a no-brainer and they're all inside for what's to be an interracial sex fan's dream: Big, black cock slamming into a white girl's ass while her man looks on. Lucas' big slab of black meat gets woken from its slumber by Katie's mouth. The birthday girl gets nearly an inch of black cock for every year she's been alive. Katie's boyfriend, look on as Lucas fucks her mouth and then fixes his attention to that soaking wet snatch. Love is still in the air as Katie and her man lock lips while Lucas fucks her into complete submission. Katie's man has a gleam in his eye as his girlfriend is finally getting fucked properly and not subjected to limp cock. Katie Summer's has her man spread apart her ass so Lucas has complete access to that white pussy. The main course is actually Katie's third imput which Lucas eases into to avoid permanent damage. Lucas, ever the gentleman, takes his cock out for Katie to clean off with her mouth. Yes. That's the same mouth she then uses to swap spit with her man as he's enjoying this almost as much as his woman. Katie's asshole ( her physical one, not her boyfriend,) is only temporarily off the hook as Lucas continues his assault and makes the white girl gape like a tunnel. Katie's ass massages out a load of jizz that Lucas happily sprays on her face with her man inches away. Love isn't blind. Love is an interracial porn fan's dream come true.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member makem**** Said:
Fuck. That was an amazing finish! I want to see more big load, cum kissing.

Member zzpet**** Said:
let the nigga cum in the boys face... after fucking Kate ass

Member fucco**** Said:
Great scene!

Member thegr**** Said:
That rim job is HOT! More of that.

Member pogue**** Said:
more rimjobs!!

Member etter**** Said:
In bikini ! I just love that !!!!! miss the anal but shes one of the few who manage "the thrill"even thou !BUT ANAL IS A MUST Katie !!

Member Teeny**** Said:
HOT! Katie is one of the hottest girls in the business.

Member flori**** Said:
AWESOME !!!! Love her! I shot my 4th load to this one whew. Thanks DF

Member Willi**** Said:
Very romantic

Member jimbo**** Said:
this shit is hillarious

Member xerop**** Said:
Love this girl and the cuckold concept. But let's learn how to make a decent cream pie fellas!! Save up sperm for a while. Bring yourself to the brink of orgasm a few times before you make the scene. I am tired of big cocks and then one or two small drips of cum off the end. Porn is your business, so let's figure it out!

Member doubl**** Said:
Great scene! The cuckold playing with her pussy while she got ass fucked, and the pussy eating made it great. Keeping the cuckold interractive is key to a awesome scene. Where did the gangbangs go?

Member jjone**** Said:
Outstanding, please bring her back.

Member eddy1**** Said:
when are we go to see some straw slurping off the belly out of the pussy or ass. How about they unload in a glass and make the him slurp it up a straw. Let see some new shit!!

Member White**** Said:

Member TIMOT**** Said:
Okay, okay. okay! If I see these big black cocks, I understand every white woman that she wants to feel him. And I always believed I have a big white cock. Now I do not dream any more from fuck, but rather remains to wank. It is better in such a way... lol

Member Brikb**** Said:
Might's well go all the way. Looks like neither man would object if the white guy got a taste of that black cock.

Member White**** Said:
NOOOO Black Master Lucas is perfect for using whites,, he's so Superior to dumb white boys...he ruins whites so easily.

Member sissy**** Said:
this cuck is pretty good (like chip) but the cuck should be more wimpy and act effeminant. the Big Black Man should be aggressive and active in humiliating the cuck while dominating and fuck the white girl by bitch slapping the cuck, choking him, bitch slapping him and talking mean to the cuck. the cuck should not try to be a sensual and sexy part the threesome. Shane Diesel is good at this...have Him train the other Black Men on the proper treatment of a cuck.

Member PeteM**** Said:
I'm sorry but I really can't believe the average rating for this is 9.37 when it's supposed to be a cuckolding video. There must be a bunch of other non-cuckold-type viewers rating it. I know I'm just one guy but I'm here for videos that truly appeal to the cuckold fantasy, and I find it thoroughly boring when it's just fucking + some extra dude in the room. To me cuckolding is ALL ABOUT constant humiliation of the cuckold (at least in a video). Sure, if it was MY girl being fucked, I could just sit and watch and wouldn't need them to actively humiliate me. But it isn't my girl. I'm watching a video.

Member sissi**** Said:
I may be in the minority on this but the cucks need to wear more lingerie. not alot but thigh highs under jeans and panties never male shorts. They could spend more time restrained as well to tell you the truth.

Member rioma**** Said:
you guys should use Flash for a few cuckold scenes here and there

Member white**** Said:
The cuckold needs to be an attractive white male to highlight how all whitebois are below black men and should be drooling and licking their lips to get to clean out the white princesses blew out and farting juicebox after he has blessed her with his sperm deep against her cervix. Whitebois need to accept black rule and push our women to mount the black mans loins and ride him hard squirting her juice and serving him until he releases his nuts into her. Have your girl dressed in tight sexy clothes real flashy and listen to only rap and hip hop and introduce her to this website then take her to clubs where she can get used to black men doing whatever they want with her body on the dancefloor in front of you so she sees its ok. And make sure her first black dick is huge its key. Make sure you have the number etc of black men you find out are huge so u can hook them up with your girl later. Black Men love to stretch white women and controll and dominate them, but even more they like to humiliate whitebois and get their women to slap them, cut them off from sex,etc and feed their black ego.

Member white**** Said:
The weak whitebois need to be naked or crossdressing like barbie with pink platforms and cb6000s cockcages every time. The white princess and the black king breaking her in should be constantly talking about how weak whitebois are, how she wont feel his dick after a couple weeks of rough no lube sex with a 9 to 12 inch black man. Focus on the whitebois stickdick and wrinkled balls and the black man should intimidate and threaten the whiteboi cuckold to make him look even weaker. The white baby girl should slap her whiteboi and be abusive constatly praising black men and their penis and telling the whiteboi how small he is, how weak his sex is etc.

Member funng**** Said:
the one thing to make this better, would be if the cuck were completely nude, so the contrast of his wimpy body and wimpy dick were widely known to all against the bull fucking his gf

Member skinn**** Said:
Great scene i luv the kissing after sloppy blowjob and cumshot!!

Member skinn**** Said:
I would pay 2 be a cuckold that lucky bastard

Member tgray**** Said:
An outstanding scene!! I'm a fan of creampie's and would have loved to see that from Ms Summers

Member easyg**** Said:
tongue punching the star hole. you dont see that one enuff

Member White**** Said:
Lucas looks Perfect for being a Black Master!

Member White**** Said:
I Love it when a sexy white gal licks Black ass and then kisses the white wimp mmmmmmmm

Member homer**** Said:
This gal is hot, Would luv to see her get dp'd By rico and Sean or ice cold The two dudes almost ruin the scene

Member tiger**** Said:
Just have him suck the bbc already

Member sjone**** Said:
the wb is actually gay so the story loses its luster

Member billb**** Said:
Awesome video. I'd marry her too and help feed her all the BBC she could handle.

Member bornf**** Said:
uggh, white boy ruined that one.

Member nice7**** Said:
guys sharing cum? Iam outta here!!

Member wesse**** Said:
Looks good with anal ! Havnt seen it yet but at last..ANAL-SEX!!!

Member babyd**** Said:
id marry her. what a sexy white girl worshipping superior bbc

Member Texgu**** Said:
If that's not Twue Wuv, I don't know what is.

Member high4**** Said:
get her in a gang bang

Member gtv14**** Said:
Darn, she is so hot but you really blew it with a lame poorly hung stud - what a waste!

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