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Member Rating: 7.12 Liza del Sierra - Date Added: Thursday, 06/23/2011
Cuckold Chip is a romantic at heart. His girlfriend Liza Del Sierra, despite being out of his league, loves her man so much that his next words come as a shock. Apparently Chip wants to watch the legendary Mandingo have his way with this Parisian slut. Liza's heart skips a beat at the news but she's willing to get some big, black cock if it keeps things going with her and whitey. Chip begins to worship Liza's tiny feet right before Mandingo's black cock aims for the back of Liza's throat. Chip, ever the cheerleader, jerks his millimeter-sized white dick as his girl's vaginal walls part like the Dead Sea. Liza's pussy takes in as much of Mandingo's cock to the point where she nearly gets split in two. This whore from across the Atlantic changes the pace by sliding Mandingo so far up her ass that the tip of his dick enters her lungs. Chip's soon-to-be-ex is having the time of her life as Mandingo drills his way into her backdoor until her body goes limp from all the excitement. Chip will rue the day he introduced his lady to interracial sex but that doesn't stop him from getting snowballed by Liza after Mandingo coats her face.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member georg**** Said:

Member mannn**** Said:
she should be gb w/o bf

Member oriho**** Said:
If Mandingo was hard as steel during the anal this would one of the best scenes ever on this site! Sexy girl!

Member rebec**** Said:
It is with that kind of video my husband gave my black cock addiction. Definitively, French wives'ass are made for big black dick

Member bitch**** Said:
love it, she's hot the dick is big and the cuckold's whole body even looks small compared to Mandigo's dick, lol

Member wesse**** Said:
SHE allways get the job done right!!Allways nasty porn...not plain sex but PORN!!

Member PeteM**** Said:
Wow, Liza del Sierra is GORRRRgeous! I have to say this clip didn't do much for me. I personally prefer *unwilling* cuckolds. If I'm watching two people fucking while a third one is occasionally saying, "Oh, you're such a dirty slut" or "Why don't you suck his dick some more?" I might as well sit in a room with a talkative friend and watch a vanilla scene. In other words, what I'm paying for is *cuckold porn*, with the *emphasis* on humiliating the husband. *Most* of the clip should be about that. This one had about a minute of (mildly) humiliating talk from Liza at the beginning. The rest was just vanilla porn with a spectator.

Member wabob**** Said:
re webmasters note- wow, hot!!!

Member sandw**** Said:
Don't care what anyone says-DAMN good scene!

Member poiss**** Said:
Dingo makes everything 10x better

Member juno6**** Said:
I have never seen anyone take so much cock up her ass..SO well!!! Liza is an incredible se machine. She rode Mandingo's massive cock like no one else! She's beautiful and, her body is so amazingly toned and curvaceous and you can tell she loves black cock. The only one that rivals her is Janet Mason. They would make a great combination in the mother/daughter series you have on this site. Keep more of Liza coming in your exquisite interracial series.

Member pourv**** Said:
@onthe Stfu and go find a shoe site. I like my girls barefoot when they're fucking.

Member studa**** Said:
Where is Molly Rae?

Member banks**** Said:
Geez mandingo is so weak, this girls body is made to be pounded but mandingo is such a "actor" he takes the realism out of sex scenes because he's been in the game for so long. ***WEBMASTER NOTE: These girls agents will only allow them to do Mandingo if he goes soft on them. ***

Member onthe**** Said:
Leave her shoes on... again with the fuckin shoes off 30 seconds in. And for what? A foot job. Spare me

Member jayto**** Said:
LOVE LOVE LOVE this slut! awesome anal. and great ending!

Member bigbl**** Said:
How about going back to where the cuckold isn't asking for her to fuck black cock. Like where he is forced to watch and isn't so into it, then at the end make him clean it up against his own will. Cuckyboy Chip is almost too willing, if Mandingo would've offered to fuck Chip, he would've jumped at it. Chip was too eager for the cum in his mouth, need to go back to how the older updates were. It's better when the female forces the cuck into the situation.

Member rioma**** Said:
thank black guy. use this guy for a while. I finally get to enjoy some cuchold!

Member batma**** Said:
thank u dog fart 4 bringn back mandingo!!!!!

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