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Member Rating: 7.04 Mae Meyers - Date Added: Thursday, 01/19/2012
We've stopped trying to figure out why a guy would be so submissive as his girlfriend walked all over him. Then again, Mae Meyers is the kind of girlfriend that you' give your right arm for. Mae also has an evil side and it comes out when she's given the gift of big, black cock. Mae's boyfriend/wallet/pathetic excuse for a human being gets verbally torn apart as Mae sucks on Mandingo's big, black cock. Slowly, but surely, Mae's clothing falls off her and winds up on the back off her cuckold. Mae's attention turns to Mandingo as she continues to slurp and gag on the biggest black cock she's ever seen. Mae's dripping wet pussy is next on Mandingo's agenda. The cuckold watches as Mae's lovebox slowly takes in a black cock that resembles an ICBM missle. That gorgeosu ass of Mae points towards the ceiling as Mandingo continues his assault on that pussy. The tip of Mandingo's black cock reaches Mae's tonsils while she's on her back and screaming as if she's anticipating what's to come in 9 months. However, the hopes of having a black baby are squashed when Mandingo pulls out and sprays his testicular sauce all over her pussy. Guess who gets to clean it all up.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member royda**** Said:
It was great until Mandingo grabbed her head and started forcing his dick on her and choking her...sure fire way to kill a good blow job's WAY sexier knowing (or THINKING, that is) that a white chick WANTS to suck that huge Black cock!!!

Member lovew**** Said:
I love this site, and I think this chick is my favorite so far. The cuckold in this one is funny as hell.

Member etter**** Said:
It seems to be no-anal so I don't give a fuck. Dont wanna download. Plain "old dull sex scene" !!9 for the girl.-3 sex.

Member chris**** Said:
@toetw: HOT! I'm a cuck for DF and I love the thought of this. Maybe they'd even let me cum???

Member toetw**** Said:
I agree with rfan, a scene where the black chick does the white guy while the black guy does the white girl would be fantastic! Humiliate us whiteboys!!

Member rfanv**** Said:
why not a cuckold couple session where the black chick pounds white guy and the white chick gets smashed by mandingo

Member Micko**** Said:
Great Scene!! And Really Nice To See ManDingo On Cuckhold Sessions!More Of That please!!:)

Member lefto**** Said:
its great to see a fine chick like mae meyers come back.

Member mdpoi**** Said:
All that spunk would've made an incredible cream pie for the cuck to cleanup

Member itlnl**** Said:
wow funng you've put alot of thought into that lol

Member rioma**** Said:
best scene of all time. def use Mandingo on cuckold sites. thanks for mixing it up. this girls performance made my cock explode

Member iquag**** Said:
Only request - NEVER START A SCENE WITH A DICK! Start with the girl!

Member funng**** Said:
could you guys do cuckold scenes of a very hot fit white or asian or latino woman with 5 or more well hung, in length, black men and the cucky is put in a cock cage by her in front of them laughing at him, and thru the entire shoot she keeps cucky close to kiss him while the studs are banging her and he has to lick all the cum from her pussy, or her body, or kiss her as they put cum in her mouth.

Member SealK**** Said:
That's what I'm talking about! A true cuckold session : a mean white girl who despise everything white and a strong black man who doesn't need to be an asshole to fuck the white gal!

Member berti**** Said:
Beautiful skin ruined by ugly tatoo

Member hvitp**** Said:
Agree with Tiger! Let him jack off and let them compare dicks. Liked that she called the black dick superior, that made my inferior white dick cum.

Member sissi**** Said:
the perfect cuckold scene, caged and femmed before being fed black cum, this girl knows how to treat a sissy. watching made my panties uncomfortably tight in a good way. next time she should make him drink it "from the tap"

Member IronM**** Said:
yes ironm, rate it as 1 and then another 1, she needs to be on street corner in Haiti

Member peewe**** Said:
Mae is smoking hot! I would lick that all day long!

Member dummy**** Said:
OMB dose not play. boohoohoo!

Member tiger**** Said:
Terrible - stop with the cages and not letting the cuck jack off in front of the other two!

Member ironm**** Said:
Darn, can I rate this as a 11 ?

Member IronM**** Said:
Bitch Mae looks like shit. Please don't have her back. Those tats would turn a mongrel dog off, yuck

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