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Member Rating: 7.13 Missy Maze - Date Added: Thursday, 05/12/2011
Missy Maze is the kind of wife that's willing to dive into any fantasy her husband can imagine. When we meet up with them Missy's guy is going into great detail about his love of being a cuckold and the addition of a big ,black cock would be the cherry on top. Flash Brown is shooting hoops when he offers up his immeasurable black cock for Missy's consumption. There's a ton of hesitation on Missy's part but the sight of Flash' monstrous black cock quickly changes her mind. Missy allows her cuckold to view as she gulps down on her first black dick. Hey boyfriend would normally get wood at this point but the chastity belt he has on won't allow it. The smile on his face says it all as Missy's nether region slides open for a black bomber. The slamming of black testicles against that white ass is loud enough to break the sound barrier and Missy's initial reluctance disappears like the black cock inside her. Our cuckold watches in amazement as each inch of black cock pleases the pussy that he never could....or ever will. Missy's love for her man never wanes as they lock lips while Flash does his damage from behind. "Cuckold Heaven" is reached when Missy's husband, Mr. Tiny, inhales the remnants of Flash' ball sack explosion. Needless to say, Missy Maze and her husband now spend their weekends prowling for her next black meat dinner.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member tripp**** Said:
Please find a way to bring this beautiful, sexy black cock slut back!.....My favorite of the site by far!!!!

Member royda**** Said:
Someone needs to show this bitch how to give a real blow job!!!She's totally avoiding it...what a waste!! She's hot, too...

Member flori**** Said:
Fuck Yes! I just shot another hot load of sperm to Missy again. She is some prime time pussy with big black dick. Her calling it a dick and kissing her cuck like that. Wish I was her cuck. Fucking hot!

Member Teeny**** Said:
Great scene. Love how realistic it is. Some scenes are just a bit too fake and exaggerated, but this is perfect. Missy Maze is one hot girl too

Member white**** Said:
the hottest thing in life

Member toby1**** Said:
youve gotta do second part featuring Missy with Flash and his friends

Member thoma**** Said:
suck her nipples

Member dummy**** Said:
It's been 8 month's, and you guy's haven't shot a scene this hot since>

Member piper**** Said:

Member white**** Said:
I would love to be Flashs white bitchboi he needs an attractive white sissy with a 4 inch pencil thin stickdick like me to serve him and the white princess and really get their tounge up in her treasurebox and show him the respect a black man deserves. He needs to be more aggressive and stare and talk down to the whiteboi and intimidate him in front of the white girl, it would be more like it is in the clubs where they intimidate whitebois and grind on our women in front of us and let her feel their black dick size. With all the interracial porn and cuckolding and crossdressing by whitebois you can see that the black man has assumed his dominant role and our women are flocking to his strength and dick size. Im so lucky to be able to have had several girlfriends cheat on me with black men ive jerked my limp stickdick since 1994 to ir porn and was cuckolded by several cute white women each time with a black man at least Chilly chills size and up, now i help lead my girlfriends thru porn,clubs, dressing them up, to sexing black men and giving reparations. The black mens main goal fyi is stretching her so she cant feel you thru rough thrusting before she is wet and cutting you off from her sex to jerk off to ir porn and sniff her panties and making you look pathetic so your white princess loses respect for you and cant feel your white stickdick during sex and she becomes a slave to black kings letting them dominate and control her and leave her juicebox loose and yearning for a black horsecock.

Member funng**** Said:
so domme in a good way

Member rdniz**** Said:
Flash Brown is known for being a little homophobic. I'm surprised he let the cuckold get that close to him.

Member Maxxx**** Said:
hot girl, one more scene now with shane and/or jack :D

Member poilk**** Said:
She needs to have 3 or 4 black cocks at once.

Member bigst**** Said:
agree on the cuck sucking cock. Before he cleans up the creampie he should have to suck the last drop of jizz out of that throbbing black cock knob. Love to see the bull pull out and shove in the cuck's moth and seed his throat

Member gmsch**** Said:
Definitely-- cuckold should suck this big bold black stud before/after he leaves a huge load in the cuck's wife's sloppy pussy.

Member morga**** Said:
Love it! Reminds me of my daddy!

Member eemar**** Said:
The cuck being forced to clean off the bull's soiled cock would be hot. Or making him get the bull hard and them place the cock in his wife.

Member alvie**** Said:
Very hot, best yet. love the creampie eating...as it should be but like to see the cuck suck cock as well

Member SealK**** Said:
Awesome scene! Missy is wonderful cause she acts so well! At first she's reluctant, don't want to hurt hubby's feelings and do it only for him but at the end she enjoyed it and did not release hubby from his little cage!!!! GREAT!!!

Member posti**** Said:
kooka has a good idea. i like this clip a lot. i think it would be even better if the husband/bf kinda asks for it but halfway thru doesnt enjoy it anymore. or requests to be unlocked but is refused forever or something. like a be careful what u wish for type scenario

Member kooka**** Said:
Please...I wanna see black girls fucking the white boys, while the white girlfriend has to sit there and watch....like a reverse cuckold session.

Member rioma**** Said:
yes....get Flash in some of these. forget that Shane and Sean Michaels 70 year old dude. flash rules

Member sandw**** Said:
how about Derek in a few scenes instead of Flash in almost all

Member billb**** Said:
Finally one of your Freakin Fantastic Cockold Sessions..!!10+ with sweaty-& very wet palm..[*>(0_0)

Member tiger**** Said:
Stop with the cages!

Member sissy**** Said:
oh i am so glad Mr Flash has crossed over to this section. please do a vid with Mr Flash, a girl and chip or the cuck who was in the scene with Dayna

Member Arnau**** Said:
No hesitation... 10/10. Great movie

Member bigbl**** Said:
Even with word slurring marble mouth Flash, this is one of the best updates! In a few weeks hopefully Flash does bring the homies through to run a train on her!

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