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You'd think that Natasha Vega- big tits and all- would only suffer from a bad back and not an injured foot. However, Natasha's boyfriend injured her and a visit to Dr. Bangg's office is one of the errands they have to run today. The good doctor is in the middle of re-evaluating Natasha's left foot when it's discovered that her boyfriend is a cuckold. Dr. Bangg has seen it all, done it all and the diagnosis that Natasha's man is a cuckold can only mean that she's down to fuck the good doctor in his office. Natasha works her oral skills on the black doctor as her boyfriend's chastity belt only comes off so she can sock him in the nuts. Brutal, right? The cuckolds pain is in complete opposite of the pleasure that his girlfriend is feeling as she rides a huge black cock while verbally slicing apart her worthless boyfriend. Dr. Bangg turns Natasha over and hits that white pussy from behind as they both continue to shit talk the white guys (who's testicles must be swelling up from the abuse.) Natasha's tits only stop shaking when the doctor orders up a prescription of hot cum on her feet. The cuckold's wallet, just from this office visit for his woman, drains out faster than the last bit of self esteem he ever had.

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use neno more he is uncut and hung come on its all about having only 10 plus inch niggers

Member zav66**** Said:
Great !

Member slave**** Said:
That black dick is still ten times bigger than my tiny white dick... so I'm not complaining. And that big dark meat looks really good in her cute little white mouth. I need to go to that doctor. I already know I'm a cuckold but I'd like him to fuck a pretty white girl for me.

Member arcar**** Said:
super hot chick, but she needs a bigger dick, bring her back with dingo or shane :D

Member benny**** Said:
natasha is beatiful...mexican???

Member benny**** Said:
Helly mae Helfire in cuckoldsessions ... ridiculous!! I have sex with this old woman with my penis of 5 inches .... please young white and beatiful girls .... pleaseeee no milf!!!is disgusting!!!!!!!!

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i wish i could get humiliated just like the guy

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meant to say this earlier,less talk, more enjoying. that is all.

Member rring**** Said:
Whenever you are ready to hire a real script director, let me know. I know you are worth 14 milion and I am worth one million. Let me know if uou are ready to double our holdings.

Member nicki**** Said:
A true star, lovely tits & Areola. She needs a nigger to fuck her every time. She up there with Haley cummings.

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is there a shortage of black dudes that want to fuck hot pornstars in LA?

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Member cuck9**** Said:
Not sure if I am more jealous of the brother, the chick, or the cuck!

Member RANGE**** Said:

Member black**** Said:
Rated this a 10 because the girl is smokin' and she deserves it. But the black dude? He's old and pathetic. I'm not a fan of Diesel but I'd take him over that old fucker. Surprised he didn't shoot a cloud of dust out of his cock. Please do better next time!

Member joest**** Said:
What a waste of a banging ass chick, yall shoulda known better than to pair her up with this little dick scrub. 5/10

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Imma tell ya what, I dunno if its the time of night or what, but this chicks ass and tits are ringing on me so hard i had to go back and check out all her other scenes. Thats some BOO TAY bud.

Member jeter**** Said:
She has the best freakin Tits

Member jeter**** Said:
I was so excited for Natashas cuckold session but no Creampie??? Please bring her back as the other member suggested and have her serve a creampie.

Member BenRi**** Said:
Natasha Vega on Cuckold Session should have been great but this scene sucked.

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the girl makes it tolerable b/s shes fucking hot... would of been been better with Shane, Flash, jack, mandingo, lex. these sites should only have black dudes that have big cocks. big black cocks and hot woman and racist shit... that's it.

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I like that the cuckold was kept in the background, however I think that the cuckold should always be referred to as whiteboy and his dick as a small white dick. The racial comparison is what Dogfart does that no-one else dare to do:)

Member sprin**** Said:
What a waste!!! no kissing? no creampie? really dissapointed

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5 stars. How can mess up a scene with a hot chick? You get this old ass whisky sipping grandpop guy banging her. Gosh. WTH Dogfart

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She is soooooo hot! You gotta use this girl again:)

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She's absolutely stunning, she deserves a creampie. Would love to see her on a cumbang and gangbang. More more more (She's why I signed up for another year membership)

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U gotta be kidding me. What a waste of a scene WOW! Who in the hell wants to see this pretty girl with Lee Bangg are u serious. Dogfart you gotta do better then this Jesus Christ!

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