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Member Rating: 7.02 Reena Sky - Date Added: Thursday, 12/08/2011
Reena Sky's boyfriend has more money than self-esteem. The last time we saw this white ,sad sack of shit he was on the floor after a vicious punch from Rico Strong. The white boy now has a new love in his life and he wants to clear the air with Rico. The only thing concerning Rico is the huge amount of cash the guy is willing to pony up in order for Rico to destroy his girlfriend. Everybody has a price, and for Rico it's cash ang gash. Reena Sky is initially shocked at the surprise but learns to love big, black cock. The boyfriend, undeserving of a name, tries to cop a feel but her mind has been made up: She's going to slob that black knob. Reena sucks on that massive black cock, and at $200 an inch it's going to be THE blow job of all blow jobs. The Cuckol session gains momentum when Reena has her boyfriend put on the male chastity belt; just in case he was thinking of getting an erection. Reena's tight pussy gets drilled open by Rico's black pipe and her screams inform her cuckold that his money is being well spent. The humilation of the cuckold only stops when Rico fucks Reena from behind, thus rendering the cuckold's cock useless for any future sexual encounters with her white box. Rico's black balls beat up Reena's clit and her pussy starts oozing uncontrollably. The cuckold begins taking mental notes as his girlfriend rides that black bull until he's the one getting off. The wetness from Reena's pussy coats her inner thighs and her nipples are hard enough to break through walls. The cuckold's payment comes when he's given the great honor of lapping up Rico's cum from Reena Sky's beaten pussy. Much like a dog, his only wish is to make his owner happy. The smile on her face confirms it.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member georg**** Said:
reena is hot and love her feet

Member tpstr**** Said:
Reena Sky is just gorgeous! These cuckolds are just gross though!!

Member etter**** Said:
NOT PALE ENOUGH !! Far from blonde!ok theres other on this site that almost match but this one is too much hespanic.

Member toetw**** Said:
Super hot scene. You can tell Reena really likes the bbc she's getting. What a great chick! Thank you for 18:47 also. Love the added barefoot shots always :)

Member PRWfo**** Said:
She looks so good taking black cock. Glad she had her shoes off the whole time too. =)

Member Budda**** Said:
lmao at 9:29 this is fucked up man

Member fanch**** Said:
Best skin tone on dogfart...Best eyes on hair on dog ass on dogfart...cutest tummy on dogfart...Reena Sky is beautiful!

Member ttk42**** Said:

Member beerb**** Said:
The ending is gay. The girl is hot, bring her back!

Member big1b**** Said:
Keep taking those shoes off. I love it!!

Member wm_ni**** Said:
@hvitp**** ...there is nothing semi gay about the white boy in this clip; he licks up another man's sperm, he's full a full blown faggot

Member scorp**** Said:
DO NOT leave the shoes on! That's what made this scene so awesome. She has beautiful feet! Her almost genuine reaction to the size of his cock is great.

Member hvitp**** Said:
This kind of cuckold, where the guy is treated like shit and has to be a semi gay, I don't like it. I like cock comparison and talk about the difference between black and white cock and how much better the former is. A white guy watching this can say "yeah, but at least I'm not like that wimp, I could've fucked her good", but if the girl said that all white dicks were small and useless compared to black dick, then the guy would think "fuck, that means me as well. Better start strokin'".

Member JKwon**** Said:
please tell the girls to keep the shoes on

Member SealK**** Said:
OMG, on the pictures, Reena kept her shoes while in the video she removed them in a second! Besides, very good scene!

Member Dirrt**** Said:
Excellent! Reena Sky sure does it for me!

Member SealK**** Said:
I just watched the pictures but I must say the scene is promising : no shane, Rico is an OK performer, Fantastic White Girl, keeps her shoes during the scene, makes fun and disrespect the white boy, the white boy is locked! I'm gonna watch it tomorrow!

Member ironm**** Said:
Wow, that is one beautiful woman!

Member muck1**** Said:
bring on Sara Monroe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Member papab**** Said:
Cum IN the pussy next time. Ruined.

Member billb**** Said:
HOT HOT HOT..//Reena Sky is da bomb...!!!

Member Chest**** Said:
This is the most annoying cuck. Please never use him again.

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