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I have the best tits around. I can't get enough dick and need my pussy filled 24/7. Why can't I have a boyfriend who can match my libido without his cock going limp after five seconds. I know my white pussy is smooth and can milk any cock of all its contents so that's why I'm strict for black dick. To show my boyfriend I mean business I had him wear a male chastity belt so he couldn't get hard which wouldn't happen anyways or else I'd still let him sleep in the same bed as me. Talk is cheap so enter the black cocks which measure well over a yard. The bitchboy cuckold had to watch and listen as he was belittled by guys who have no trouble performing. I did this because I somewhat love the guy but a girl's got needs after all. My throat soon got sore after getting black cock thrust down my windpipe and nearly choking me out........yet I loved every minute of it. My titties got slapped around which is more attention they've been paid the entire time my man and I have been together. My once tight pussy wrapped its lips around whichever black cock found its way into my uterus. I love sounds black balls make as I'm getting fucked and torn apart by dicks that dwarf my boyfriends a thousand times over, hahaha. Clean up on aisle 3. My cuckold never knew I was that passionate about interracial sex but he found out first hand as he made all their baby batter disappear with his mouth.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member ppppp**** Said:
how many times are u going to use the same husband

Member lilhr**** Said:
my husband and i would both love to lick the cum off those beautiful boobies yummmmy

Member wjk31**** Said:
great site! more pov humiliaiton by the girl. Have the girl spit the load into his mouth more!

Member Garve**** Said:
I love her frekles.

Member sport**** Said:
Dog the woman should jerk both guys off at the end.The guy jerking off gets old

Member lappe**** Said:
It would be way hotter if the girl was wearing the chastity key on a necklace as she cuckold the chaste guy. Maybe even having her stud cum on the key and the cuckold cleans it up.

Member CeXCe**** Said:
More POV amd girls speaking straight to xam, even running down white guys convincing us why thye prefer black men sexually, the girls should perhaps spit the spunk in the cucks fave or passionatly kiss him, to the bulls amusement. Lots of name amd site talking by the bulls too about fucking up the girls, who are in agreement.

Member 33pal**** Said:
dfgsdfg Dude what you on about not always Cream Pies ? Yes Cream Pies I'm Fed up with all these Boring Face Shots. More Cream Pies,More Cream Pies.

Member dreem**** Said:
I think there should to be a clear demarcation between straight and gay porn. I come here to watch straight porn and especially the attractive women paraded getting fucked i.e. man and woman sex. When it descends to one man licking up the cum of another man then it totally RUINS the whole scene and begins to get REPULSIVE. After seeing that in more than one scene I stopped watching the cuckold sessions. It’s a shame cos I see some attractive female performers on this site that I’ll like to watch in a new scene that's posted here but the thought of it getting mixed with gay porn is a complete turn off. If you’re gonna add gay stuff to a site then make it clear in the site promotion so that those who are not into watching that can stay clear of the site.

Member built**** Said:
Or you could just ignore the loonies.

Member dfgsd**** Said:
Not always creampies!!! I prefer snowballs spitted on cuck open mouths, and would be very exciting to see the cuck on the floor trampled by the dominant girl like a carpet while blacks take turn fucking her from behind, and she could even press cuck face with her feet at the rythm of the fucking !!!!

Member Johnn**** Said:
She is hot.. love the way she gives him shit.. locking the cucks up in the CB's is very hot

Member morni**** Said:
I agree with ddjuka42. The thing I'd most like to see more of is POV interaction. In fact I'd love a scene where the cuck is eliminated completely and the camera is the cuck instead. Then the girl could interact with and direct her humiliation to the camera (the viewer) the whole time. That would be awesome! Especially with an intelligent girl like Dana Dearmond or Juelz Ventura.

Member ddjuk**** Said:
I agree that Scarlett is really hot and i would like to see besides her some other girls again also, like Leah Livingston. I would also like to see from girls more interaction with camera (POV for hubby), as you can see all the best rated scenes has lot of that.

Member bigba**** Said:
more scenes!!!

Member optim**** Said:
Cuck sucks! No one likes fags. There should be more anal on this bitches too.

Member xhzr8**** Said:
Scarlett Pain is the hottest girl on BOB she needs more scenes

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