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We have an actual couple and things, well, things are going to get bizarre. Sierra Sanders gives her boyfriend her heart, but that white pussy is about to belong to Jack Napier. Sierra's boyfriend knows that the key to keeping his girlfriend around is making sure her womanly needs are taken care of. Sierra Sanders gives Jack's big black cock a tour of her esophagus while her boyfriend manipulates his tiny white cock. The male chastity belt keeps his little dick at bay while hid girlfriend gets completely slammed by a massive black cock. This interracial sex spectacle continues with Jack excavating Sierra's white pussy while her boyfriend actually drops his own load in the confines of the male chastity device. Sierra, temporarily amused by the fact that he was able to achieve some sort of erection, has Jack continue to blitzkrieg on her meat curtains. The cuckold sucks black jizz out of Sierra's pussy as if his life depended on it. His future with Sierra is now certain since he proved the lengths he'd go to just to make her happy.

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Member ilove**** Said:
dude i'd be scared to let my girl around this black guy, his dick is so big if she ever found out she'd leave me and jump on that. I think more white chicks are seeing more and more porn like this and its turning them on like crazy.

Member flori**** Said:
She is Beautiful and AWESOME ! Love her feet and everything else, The way she talks about dick. Wish I was the cuck

Member sergi**** Said:
Good heels takes!!! She is gorgeous. Great scene!

Member troyr**** Said:
I almost feel sorry for this guy lol.

Member Micko**** Said:
Awesome scene!!! This is the most top rated scen so why not more of Jack Napier and Hot Girls??!! Simple Math in My Book!! =)

Member maver**** Said:
Im a tiny white boy who's dying to be a cuckold I wish I knew how to become one

Member slave**** Said:
I love strong liberated young white women like her. I would be honored to be her white boy cuckold slave. I am weak and very easy to dominate. I will even pay for all her dates with black guys!

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Member PIPER**** Said:

Member drrya**** Said:
Love Sierra's sexy feet. Not a big fan of the cuckold concept though - not a fan of dudes licking cum - but otherwise pretty hot scene.

Member beerb**** Said:
Hot Chick! This site is getting gay-er with it's endings. What's next, the white guy blowing the black guy? Don't you already have a gay site for that?

Member micko**** Said:
HOT SCENE!!! Jack Is Da Man!!!

Member k9may**** Said:
When you going to shoot her in a scene with real talent and not this cuckold bullshit?

Member tgray**** Said:
This is a hot scene. Jack's the man.

Member white**** Said:
HIRE MORE black thugs wit dark skin n cornrows big hands have em wear nba fitted hats or dress ganster real skinny wit huge uncut black cocks have em be rough wit white bimbos n shittalk whitebois hard

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Use charlie mac

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Could you guys do a new weekly series of one hot body woman getting gangbang fucked in all her holes by 4 or more hung black men as her hubby has to sit and watch only, and lick her clean at the end.

Member cr4ck**** Said:
I just want to see more of her in my life

Member Macdo**** Said:
I'm not sure who is more of the sissy boy...? Jack has to be the most FEM black dude that just happens to have a big dick. Keep his mouth shut and don't let him fly out of his loafers because he sure is light in em.

Member safew**** Said:
love these scenes.more black couples in these could gave black woman fuck white husband at the same time as his wife is fucked.would make a great scene.

Member tpstr**** Said:
One of the best cuckold scenes on here! At least this couple appears to be a real couple which made it so hot! Some of the other cucks are just lame and make the scene a total joke. Wish more of them were like this :) Great job on this scene! Sierra is soooo gorgeous!

Member white**** Said:
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Member ponti**** Said:
Group Cumshots and cuck clean up...nasty but hot as hell! Lets see it!! Soon!!

Member ilove**** Said:
Deep down, all girls are BBC sluts

Member royda**** Said:
The chick's hot...tell Jack to keep his big stupid face SHUT!!!! Thanks!

Member jason**** Said:
Man, I laughed my ass off in this website, BLACK PEOPLE are so funny. lmfao

Member tmasl**** Said:
sierra, if your not married i'm proposing right now.

Member horny**** Said:
This is probably the hottest scene on this site. I like how the cuckold tried to jerk off in the chastity belt, but it was too bad he managed to cum at the end. Sierra sounded hot when she teased her cuckold for trying to get hard while she was getting fucked by the bull. The sex positions were on par with what I've seen in Euro-style hardcore porn. My favorite was when Sierra was getting fucked from behind on the sofa's armrest while the cuckold was on the floor sucking her feet. It made her ass and legs look really nice. Having said that, try getting some girls with longer legs. Rilynn Rae would be a good choice. Kudos!

Member dalec**** Said:
Great scene. please put her with Mandingo in an interacial pickups or Blacks on Blonds.

Member bitch**** Said:
ha ha! Jack actually got a little bull in him, good to see, he would be right behind Shane if he keeps the bull in him going

Member ircuc**** Said:
great scene! Sierra is such a natural beauty! I totally picture we being the cuck in this scene. While I don't think I'd wear a chasity, but I definately would be beating off watching them fuck. Bravo! Let's see more of Seirra and the cuck!

Member fucke**** Said:
Cum on her feet!!!

Member k9may**** Said:
Bring her back for something besides this gay shit.

Member zack1**** Said:
Would love to see some spitting ! I know I'm not the only one.

Member zack1**** Said:
The best scene ever !

Member zack1**** Said:
Finally some foot play ! All cuckolds are foot fetish. Don't ask me how I know it. More feet please !

Member ddn4q**** Said:
can u pair jack up with valeria kay or some other big booty brazilian/latina

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