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Member Rating: 7.09 Tiffany Star - Date Added: Thursday, 03/10/2011
It's not only Hollywood stars that get recognized in public. Dirty, filthy black cock sluts get called out as well by "strokers" and Johnny is one of them. He's pulled his pud to Tiffany getting drilled by black cock on and he's more than willing to be a cuckold for his queen. There's no shame in this old man's game as his willingness to be submissive is as evident as his gray hair. Johnny's ring side seat to this white pussy massacre is as close to her pussy as he's going to get.He's living vicariously through Shane's black cock as it's excavating down Tiffany Star's esophagus. Johnny's privilege to watch all this comes at a higher cost of him wearing a chastity belt over his puny pecker. Despite his embarrassment he watches Shane take his big black cock and jam every inch deep inside Tiffany's sore pussy. The constant friction only serves to make Tiffany's screaming reach the point of ear-shattering levels. In fact, the entire ordeal leaves her clenching the bed sheets as Shane's black cock ruins her for men of a Caucasian persuasion. Tiffany's biggest cheerleader becomes President of her fan club the exact moment he sucks out Shane's creamy goodness for the depths of Tiffany's womb.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member mdpoi**** Said:
Terrific scene with cream pie and cleanup. Get a different cuck for her and 3 bulls, make the cuck cleanup after each one.

Member wabob**** Said:
no more chastity belts please, lets see how these small white cucks compare to their big black masters. get the tape measures and rulers in your scenes and let the bitches do the math

Member alvie**** Said:
I agree the cuck sucks

Member skinn**** Said:
Fire that cuckold he is such a turn off

Member rfanv**** Said:
Need to get rid of this cuck, tiffany deserves better, bring jason back he can leave a load in tiffanys snatch. Would love to see girl pull panties back on after load has been dispatched and tease cuck (not him) then force him to clean up.Need cucks to be verbally abused more.

Member toetw**** Said:
Shane is awesome in this scene. Maybe my favorite one he's done on this site. Tiffany is not only hot but a wonderful cuckoldress. She really knows how to talk to a loser whiteboy. Perfect feet on her too...

Member abran**** Said:
the next time this cuck gets used i may quit using this site. he's creepy and gross and fucks up what would otherwise be great scenes.

Member Carol**** Said:
She's a beautiful girl, but was clearly not into kissing the guy - shows that she really doesn't like him.

Member user2**** Said:
cuckold needs to learn some basic duties of cukold such as 1) kiss the babe while she blows the bbc, possibly swallow some spit from sluts mouth & appreciate the taste 2) lube the pussy at regular intervals

Member eatcu**** Said:
Don't use that cuck again...definitely a turn off.

Member SealK**** Said:
Well, I loved the scene till Shane made the cuck licks his own cum on Tiffany's Shoes.... But the beginning of the scene was awesome: the porn fan being cuckolded by his fave actress, that's great storyline!

Member lucym**** Said:
Worst Ever! Need more Katie Kox style Cucks that at least look real.

Member bigbl**** Said:

Member lappe**** Said:
I still think if the lady is gonna put the guy in chastity, she should wear the key on a necklace to show cucky she controls him as she gets her bbc. Shane has a big dick, but he doesn't cum alot of volume. Would really like to see some of the bbc from earlier updates that make big cum loads!

Member bitch**** Said:
Def. could have done with out the old cuckold, kind of made the scene bad. You could tell by how far back he was that she didn't want him anywhere near her as well.

Member since**** Said:
god dammit whats with all the gayness im a Tiffany Star fan and this could of been better . What made them think that cuckold guy would work for this scene . I couldnt toss one out thanks to that clown

Member ajax8**** Said:
didn't think she was that bad, it's more the cuckold guy who is a bit weird

Member joest**** Said:

Member curba**** Said:
This is already more in the gay side. very bad update..cuckold has to be erotic and the chick has to enjoy it. she was like a paid machine.

Member black**** Said:
get the creepy cuckold out of there... first scene on this site that fail because of the cuckold dude.

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