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Member Rating: 6.97 Trisha Rae - Date Added: Sunday, 10/25/2009
I'm Trisha Rae and guys do what I want whenever I please. My boyfriend hasn't been cutting it in the bedroom ( he's white, can't blame him for that) so today he's getting in education in how white girls love getting fucked. Actually, it's going to be by some big black cocks because they're the only ones big enough to get me off. First off, I want to amuse myself so my little cuckold is going to wear a male chastity device so his tiny pee pee can't get hard but he doesn't need a device for that since he has the white man's curse. I also made him sit right by me as all 110 pounds of me gets pummeled by the thickest and fattest black dicks I could find. He loved the way my pussy smelled as I sat on his face moments after it housed black cock. He got an earful as those fat black balls slammed against my ass and he quickly realized he was out of his league as far as satisfying me was concerned. My tight fuckhole will never be the same but that's never a bad thing. My boyfriend is now an official cuckold since he did his best to lick off gallons of black jizz that was left behind. I might keep this one around.

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Member comeo**** Said:
She could spit a black guys cum into my mouth anytime

Member lilhr**** Said:
he should eat her the whole time they are fucking her

Member feyen**** Said:
quote, cum on the girl's stockings

Member mertk**** Said:
Cum on the girl's stockings too please and let him lick

Member range**** Said:
Cumming on the girl's belly is the hottest.

Member tvnew**** Said:
trisha is hot. more trisha. more creampies. more cum eating!

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