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Member Rating: 6.95 Zoe Voss - Date Added: Tuesday, 04/06/2010
My therapist should lose his license for the way he spoke about black people. The unporfessionalism he showed was shocking. He verbally tore down black people and made it as if white people are the most responsible in the world. Luckily, my man was listening in and nearly destroyed the Dr. but decided to teach him a lesson in humility. Once I got a look at the therapist's flacid cock I thanked my lucky stars that Shane has enough cock for a hundred black cock sluts but his is strictly for me. The doctor nearly shit himself as my mouth engulfed Shane's footlong dick which made it impossible to breath unless I did so through my nose. I couldn't wait any longer and had to have his black meatstick jam itself up my white pussy far enough until I could feel it in the back of my teeth. We fucked all over the furniture until it was time for his balls to explode. Wasted white cum makes me sad when I'm not giving it to my cuckold to eat so he learns his place in life. I have a feeling he's going to be a little kinder to the black man

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Member PeteM**** Said:
Zoe is hot as fuck. I like the premise here and the set-up. I like how Zoe and Shane treated the doc, and that they made him put on the chastity device. But I was a little disappointed that nothing was said at the end about what the "new order" would be now that Bob has learned his lesson. Us cuckold types love that epilogue-type shit. Nothing was said of what would happen with that key.

Member alvie**** Said:
Those eyes... she's hot. Need a different cuckold though & the bbc needs to cum in that pussy

Member seanj**** Said:
Nice big black dick!

Member micha**** Said:
I agree with Jackt: future Star!

Member jackt**** Said:
lose the shoes, zoe is a future star

Member lilhr**** Said:
my god she is so fucking hot.... my husband went nuts over her !!!!! her sleek sexy body is hot and she took shane so easley. would love to suck her cream off his cock then kiss my man not letting him fuck her till she was full of cream.. then i would love to suck shanes cock hard again so he could fuck the shit out of me@!!!!!!

Member ninit**** Said:
that cuck is whinning a lot such a turn off beside too ols to be playing a whinning cuckold

Member tgray**** Said:
Not a bad video but it has several flaws...The cuck is too whiney and irritating for my liking. I like the idea of being fed cum from a spoon but perhaps done differently would have worked better. These cuckold scenes would seem to work better if the cuckold was a willing participant rather than a wimpy, hapless duffuss. There are plenty of guys in the world who would love to see their wife or girlfriend get fucked by a black man with an enormous cock and then clean up a creampie or two, especially from a girlfriend as beautiful as Zoe Voss. She could feed me cum out of her pussy with a spoon any day.

Member glddr**** Said:
This guy isn't a cuck is the problem just some guy getting humiliated. A cuckold is a man with an unfaithful wife that he knows or doesn't know about. Some therapist getting beat up and forced to watch some girl get screwed isn't cuckolding its domination or S&M.

Member lee25**** Said:
Rubbish Are you trying to turn the whole site into some gay porn site? Put the gay stuff separate like other sites do!! Such a put off!!

Member bigst**** Said:
I don't like that whiny ass cuck...I wish the little hottie would have stuffed his mouth with big black cock to shut him up. When are you going to let Shane pull his huge cock out of a white pussy and make the cuck lick it clean. You know he wants tos...and then pull out and make the cuck suck the jizz out of his throbbing knob

Member 33pal**** Said:
Dog More Cream Pies!!!! What's Better than Tight pink pussy full of black mans Cum? Get Janet Mason back.

Member nilbr**** Said:
Nice some comments from the lovely lady to the viewer at home would be appreciated.

Member morni**** Said:
This is like the third or fourth new session in a row that has featured Shane Diesel. He does have a nice huge meat hammer of a cock so I'm sure a lot of people like him, and I have nothing really against him myself. But my favorites are the blacker performers, in fact the darker the better. (Although I do have to say that Tone Capone has such a great uncut dick that he's right at the top of my preferences even if he isn't the darkest of the dark.) In any event all I'm really saying is that I hope you'll keep variety in the male performers as well as the females and not just do Shane Diesel time after time; As for Zoe Voss... I love her! Even if I didn't like short hair (which I do) she pulls it off so beautifully, and it's shortness just emphasizes the elegance of her neck and her gorgeous eyes. In fact if she hadn't kept her eyes closed for so much of the video I would have given this session a 10 just for her beauty alone.

Member jb196**** Said:
i would like to see many more cream pies after all it is the ultamate slap in the face and it makes the women look like a real whore

Member roboe**** Said:
shes hot cuck is nasty and old

Member Nostf**** Said:
Splendid but the guy should be blacker thane Shane Diesel...

Member Kylie**** Said:
Shane Diesel again- bout consistent with where the quality of this site is headed anyway. I know this post won't see the light of day, but I just wanted management to know that I have cancelled after a year and a half because of your infatuation with Shane D. We can't get a India Summer reshoot and have to watch as so many new scenes with potential are ruined by sorry ass male talent. It's a shame- Dogfart used to be so good.

Member q2345**** Said:
Zoe Voss is absolutely incredible!!!!! And wearing pumps too!!! She should be on InterracialBlowbang.com everyday!!!! I tore my cock off downLOADing her pix!!!!

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