Chastity Lynn from

Starring: Chastity Lynn, Shane Diesel

Tags:  Cuckold, Fetish, Blonde, Petite, Feet, Tattoos, Shaved 

Movie description:

It almost looked like resident Cuckold, Chip, was about to hit the jackpot and finally get his tiny dick wet. Chip was shooting the breeze with Shane Diesel when Chastity Lynn inquired about a room to rent. You can almost see the thought bubbles over their heads as they brought her back to their pad with bad intentions in mind. Chip manages to feel Chastity up but her attention is completely on Shane and his big black cock.The make-out session takes an interesting turn when Chastity's face is greeted with Shane's cock and Chip's minuscule pecker.Which one do you think she sucked? The less-than-average white boy was allowed to play with his own meat as Shane's cock slithered its way up her pussy and into her stomach. The interracial sex going on before Chip was enough to get his tiny tool semi-stiff as he beat his meat to the ensuing white girl drilling. The thrusting of Shane's big black cock brings Chastity's pussy to the brink of nearly collapsing as the cuckold's jaw nearly drops. Chastity's screams were enough to rattle the eardrums of anyone in a one mile radius;it didn't matter as long as her white pussy was getting devastated. The ten little toes on her tiny feet were the target of Shane's black venom and Chip was assigned clean-up duty. Mercy was shown when Chastity demanded that Chip jerk himself off so that she could get a good laugh out of his misery. Needless to say, Chip was on the street and Chastity was now a permanent resident in Shane's apartment.

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Chastity Lynn

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Member Comments:

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    Need more with the cuckold cumming

  • Member Avatar


    Cleanup off feet is a turnoff

  • Member Avatar


    I love these TINY little girls with A-cup boobs who fuck nigger cock. Gotta love a cum lovin teenie bopper.

  • Member Avatar


    Us little boys got taught a lesson here.

  • Member Avatar


    Hot session. I like the cock cages that many scenes on the website have but sometimes it's just really hot to see a cuckold jerking off next to a beautiful woman while she gets pleasure from a man. After all that's what many of us cuckolds (real or wannabe) would love to do, watch the love of our life get pleasured from a super hung stud while we worship her and pleasure ourselves. Would be hot to see some "forced" bisexuality here where the wife makes her cuckold suck a cock or take one up the butt. more

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    Love watching her take BBC.

  • Member Avatar


    she should have weighed them in her hands n measured em n shit

  • Member Avatar


    Im with you bro. she's got some sexy feet....I'd love to suck on those toes while she's getting that black cock

  • Member Avatar


    i love feet, eating cum off feet is even better

  • Member Avatar


    This girl can GAPE !! Why the fu..dont You let her??! is it too expensive to ask with 1mill members?

  • Member Avatar


    there will be a scene where chastity receives a black creampie in her pussy ? pleaseeeee

  • Member Avatar


    what a nigger lover

  • Member Avatar


    I also concur with Wabob. Watching her take the cuck and the total lack of satisfaction on her face really took me places.

  • Member Avatar


    this was a very hot scene. i agree with wabob. loved when she took on the cuck.

  • Member Avatar


    Perfect,because Chastity,this women for me is perfection!!!!i Love Chastity,big french kiss.

  • Member Avatar


    Diesel is ridiculous - too small to please a horse, too big to please a woman. Chastity has a sweet bod but needs to pair up with someone closer to her size.

  • Member Avatar


    hot when chastity takes the cucks useless little white pecker and cant feel it after being pulverized by shanes mammoth girth, more scenes like this, more cock comparing and more trash talking to the cuck and the camera more

  • Member Avatar


    Would love to see the cuckold clean all Chastitys juices off the bulls cock, ultimate humiliation!! Or even share the pleasure of giving a blow job!

  • Member Avatar


    bizarre! she clearly cant handle diesel yet her pussy looked gaped. strangest noise ive ever heard too. sexy tho.

  • Member Avatar


    Too bad there wasn't anal, cause Chastity looks ready and eager to try...

  • Member Avatar


    Ultimate Chastity never thought she would go down this route, but glad she has, you never bring girls back but if you did I would vote for this charmer. Got to shoot load in pussy.

  • Member Avatar


    Holy fuck, Shane's cock is huge. The cuck kissing after she was sucking on his huge cock was hot. More of that please...maybe she can squeeze a little cum onto her tongue first. Not into feet. I'd like to see the cuck lick a load off her face, tits, or pussy. more

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    this girl is the best... every scene she has on this site is perfect.

  • Member Avatar


    Chastity gotta gotta gotta do more cuckold sessions...absolutely hot sweetie, you are the bomb..!!

  • Member Avatar


    i love the adventures of Mr Shane and lil chippie...chippie is such a sport! lol i really like when Mr Shane makes fun of chippie...awesome...

  • Member Avatar


    hi everybody,my wife is the slave of a black man and iam the slave from both,it is much more than just cuckold,but i need it,all 3 of us,black men forever

  • Member Avatar


    Everyone's got their own fetish. I personally would like them to make it pov and get rid of the guy/cuck. And as for previous comments you guys are both douches, if you looked in the mirror youd see each other. more

  • Member Avatar


    i have no issues with shane but its still the cum eating thing that puts me off cuckold sessions.

  • Member Avatar


    on her feet? WTF is that?

  • Member Avatar


    Love Chastity but this is not really a cuckold scene. Bring her back for more

  • Member Avatar


    damn,wow, what about also holding the official office of president? O, I get it that don't mean anything now to you little dick clowns now that a black man has the office, O and he got a big dick.....and p.s. placeing words to rhyme is some monkey shit do you want to compete with clown. more

  • Member Avatar


    eminem is the best rapper in the history of music. i feel bad for black men the only thing they can do is fuck...oh yea i guess run and jump but monkeys have always been good at that. more

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    Wow, I kind of like the direction this is heading. I love seeing the guy try to please her after the bull. Chastity is awesomely beautiful and I'd love to eat her ass, pussy and feet...everything I think Shane and Jack Napier are the best for these scenes, especially when they team up. more

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    I really like the foot fetish action in this one, and Castity has perfect feet. Would like to see more of her.

  • Member Avatar


    does limpd look at the guys or the girl???

  • Member Avatar


    I think Shane`s cock is perfect for cuckold movies and looks great in a white girl. Ok Shane is not the darkest performer but he still looks like a negro guy

  • Member Avatar


    gift and a curse: what is point of a huge dick that will not become fully erect, will not squirt? I'd be pissed if my dick was that big but wouldnt get fully hard

  • Member Avatar


    I don't like Shane Diesel. Too much angry talk from this loser. And I think his cock is disgusting. And I don't like Sledge, since another guy mentioned him. He looks like a fat Puerto Rican.

  • Member Avatar


    The white slut should always use the word nigger to describe the cum the cuckold is forced to lick up. Always, every seen, at least twice! Shane is down for this, make it SO.

  • Member Avatar


    This scene sucks for one main reason. Shane. It just really sucks when the white girl is almost darker than the black man. A cute white girl like that needs a BLACK COCK. I can name 20 black men that would have been a better choice. Stop with Sledge and Shane they are barely black. more


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