AJ Applegate from CuckoldSessions.com

Starring: AJ Applegate, Isiah Maxwell

Tags:  Cuckold, Blonde, Petite, Tattoos, Shaved, Big Booty 

Movie description:

AJ Applegate is about to throw her slave a bone in the form of access to her pussy. However, white boy ultimately cock blocked by a black cock that pokes through a hole in the wall. The cuckold's chastity device covers a small cock, but not his utter shame. AJ's attention quickly focuses to the random black cock that has just shattered the hopes and dreams of the white cuckold. AJ's mouth forgoes the small white cock in favor of the lucky black stranger that is now present. AJ invites him from behind the wall and gives him unrestricted access to her throat. The cuckold watches as his chances of fucking AJ diminish with each passing second. AJ Applegate keeps sucking on her new best friend until her pussy sends the signal to her head that it's time for some interracial fucking! The cuckold begs and pleads with his Goddess to allow him to break free from his chastity belt and the honor to beat his tiny tool. AJ's mercy is non-existent as she keeps getting fucked by a huge black cock. The key to the cuckold's freedom now belongs to the black man , and it doesn't look as if he's letting up anytime soon. AJ's mouth gets filled to the brim with ghetto gravy, and AJ knows exactly where to deposit that pool of creamy jizz.

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AJ Applegate

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Member Comments:

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    AJ Applegate is so beautiful. No need for surgery and her booty is amazing!

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    The scene would be better if he was cleaning her pussy

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    For me, Number 1 scene on here with ease. Stunning humiliation

  • Member Avatar


    The perfect scene

  • Member Avatar


    Do it once more this time treat the white husband like shit.

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    Stunning Ms Applegate at her her best. Please get AJ in some black lingerie and have her fuck a black waiter in a restaurant rest room.

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    Let's do it again, but this time lets take it to the bedroom.

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    Black dude is lucky to fuck white man's wife's pussy. I wonder if she is married in her real life ?

  • Member Avatar


    i love your legs in short :D

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    Sensational scene. AJ is amazing!

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    one of the best cuckold session videos ever.. love her long blonde hair..

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    absolutely luv her long blonde hair and pretty face, French tip nails also. great to see gorgeous white girl so happy to be fucked by black man. the way it should be.

  • Member Avatar


    less bathroom boring scenes w limited cam angles pls

  • Member Avatar


    AJ is the best! More of her. Less gay shit.

  • Member Avatar


    No shoes on please. we need to see her feet

  • Member Avatar



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    Amazing scene. One of the best I have seen on Dogfart. AJ is insanely hot along with being a terrific actress. She played the Mistress role fantastically - really dominating. Only downside was that I would have liked her to speak to the camera and verbally dominate the viewer. But otherwise hot scene. ...read more

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    AJ is extremely hot. Bring her for more cuckold scenes, ahh bring her for whatever scenes - she is a born slut!!!!!!! Love it!

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    Please put Aj with either Charlie Mac or Chilli Chills. She is one beautiful woman!!!

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    More AJ please!! More hot blondes like her too. Scene was hot just wish it was in a better setting aka in a bedroom and that dweeb white boy came home to see AJ getting this big black cock. Love to see AJ Applegate in stocking and black shiny high heels looking professional in office scene or coming home to more big black cock (calling for it) or a HOT MILF scene getting a big black dick...BRING HER BACK !!! NEED HOTTIES LIKE HER SUCKING THE BIG BLACK COCK THEY CRAVE!!! ...read more

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    I don't know that I've ever posted before, but this was great

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    I luv his black dick i wish i was her whiteboi id love to eat his nut out her beat up white juicebox

  • Member Avatar


    Good scene until the GAY cum swapping BS

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    this site needs to be updated alot more. unique and sexy as hell. Holly Michaels on this one please.

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    awesome content....who is the blond in the background scene?

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    Definite hot hung black stud - nice cock on him and he knows how to use it to work the white slut. Enjoyed the interracial porn going in the background throughout.

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    I really love that black kid ! Ripped and nice cock . I wouldn't mind tasting his cum neither ...

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    I thought this was a great update! It was hot watching the cuck throbbing in chastity toward the end. Then as he is waiting to clean up he filled the cage. Very hot update! He is truly a cuck! On a side note, it would have been hotter if she wore the chastity key on the necklace the whole scene. But it was nice to finally see a gal wearing the key on a necklace!!!!! ...read more

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    This is the worst thing. Skank with a faggot and a dumb douche bag.

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    I liked many individual parts of this. The stud is GREAT when he talks shit to the cuck, just doesn't do nearly enough of it. The girl also does a GREAT job of humiliating the cuck but, again, doesn't do nearly enough of it. The cuck, on the other hand, kinda sucked other than having the perfect example of what a white girl can expect from dating a whiteboy in the size dept. He looked stunned the whole time like a deer in headlights. Really liked the gloryhole idea, it ended up working incredibly well for a white couple encountering bbc... as it pops through the hole you get a great instant size comparison and the girl's shocked face is gold. She genuinely laughed at that sissy cock too, which was hot as fuck but, again, a tad more would have been better. You really should keep the girl's face in the frame when doing cock size comparisons. Fully half the hotness comes from the girl's facial expressions as she mocks and giggles at the tininess of the inferior white and then marvels at the hugeness of the superior black. Great public scenery at the start as she struts around in those slutty shorts in that hood. Would have liked to see this chick's feet, as always, but I get why we didn't with that floor. The hotness of this girl cannot be overstated and I would say bring her back for round 2 as she's a natural cuckoldress bcs humiliatrix bratty hot slice who has the ability to make this pervy white footcuck spooge when she laughs so honestly at a tiny, white pecker...she's magical... but I know that won't happen. This stud has a beautiful cock and is a natural bull for cuck scenes. If he got more into it and studied up on the fetish he could be better than Shane Diesel. He's young too so he can play the role of young 18 yr old hoodrat who cucks all the older white men's much younger brides. Great cum-swap and gargling by both the white folk as they both submit to black seed, as they should. As usual, nice camera work, nice angles, always improving. Thanks, DF! ...read more

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    nice load sharing,next time make the cuck suck the cock a little

  • Member Avatar


    Her ass was bigger in the last vid, she beeds to puy the weight back on, she was perfect

  • Member Avatar


    The wife has got to make the cuck suck that BBC. Dogfart make it happen!

  • Member Avatar


    A.J is amazing...but please what's with this guy who can't keep a hard on? He ruined the scene...

  • Member Avatar


    No creampie!

  • Member Avatar


    best ass in porn sexy bitch..


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